What are Remote Hands, what value does it offer to me now, and how do I order?

What type of service is Remote Hands and what types of tasks can remote hands do?

Remote Hands are services that Evoque offers which allows you to focus on your business while our seasoned, 24x7 technicians handle all the IT management, maintenance, and can act as your eyes and ears in emergencies within our facilities.  At this challenging time, Remote Hands can help you avoid having to send your folks out to our facility for anything except critical work, especially in areas that are under lock-down.  Our remote hands handle tasks such as:

  • Moving and securing network cables
  • Server refreshes and reboots
  • Hardware and software replacement or installation
  • Power cycling
  • Shipping and receiving requests

Remote Hands can be ordered by contacting your Evoque Sales Representative, contacting the Evoque Service Centre (ESC), or by using the Evoque Support Portal.

  1. Evoque Support Portal:
    1. Company Admin(s) can invite your team to log into and create a password for an Evoque Support Portal account that will allow a simple and expedited way to create a Remote Hands ticket that goes directly to the Data Center Operations team for action.
    2. https://portal.evoquedcs.com/
  2. ESC - Email: Send an email to:  Tier1Support@EvoqueDCS.com
  3. ESC - Phone: Call the following:
    1. Toll Free within the United States: dial 1-866-4EVOQUE (1-866-438-6783), select prompt 2.
    2. Direct dial outside the U.S.: dial +1 (469) 436-6687, select prompt 2.