What are the WAP Policies?

For convenience and business reasons, customers may install a WAP in their cage.  However, these policies need to be adhered to at all times:
    • Customer must provide Evoque facility teams with the correct SSID and MAC address.
    • Customer shall ensure that the location and placement of all devices relating to customer’s wireless network including, without limitation, wireless access points and associated network equipment including all devices remain within the customer’s area.
    • Evoque has no obligation to install or support customer devices or to respond to any repairs, maintenance or distress calls regarding the devices, and is not responsible for any damage of loss of devices.
    • Wireless devices may not interfere or block any other wireless signals or electronics within the facility.
  • Customers found in violation will be asked to discontinue use of wireless devices until such a time that customer resolves any and all issues and an Evoque representative agrees that the customer is in compliance of all policies and must comply with relevant security standards, including PCI standards, if applicable.